Christmas Spiced Rumbo Ham!

Is it really Christmas without a delicious baked Ham? We think not!


  • Preheat oven to 180°C (or according to your meat instructions)
  • Prepare your Ham - remove rind if it's on there, score the fat in diagonal lines to create diamonds, place your cloves in various points across your ham.
  • In a small pot add Rum & Coke, sugar, seasoning, garlic, thyme, lime juice and zest and bring to a gentle boil. Then, reduce the heat to low and simmer (uncovered) for 5 minutes, or until mixture thickens slightly.
  • Place your prepared ham in a roasting tray, baste all over with generous amount of glaze. Bake according to weight or instructions on your meat, making sure to baste every 20mins with more glaze or using the drippings in the tray.
  • When fully cooked transfer to a platter and it's ready to go on the Christmas table. Like all good Christmas dishes, it's also delicious cold!
Hot Tips:
  • Place some halved onions, carrots, potatoes, whatever you desire in the bottom of the tray, with your ham sitting on top, to make some delicious roasties.
  • You want the ham juicy with a hint of char, not completely blackened. If you think its darkening too quick, cover with foil for the first little bit of cooking time.
  • IF you like pineapple on your savoury dishes, add slices to this at the first glaze and it will work perfectly.
  • Serve with any of the below...

More ways to use our products this Christmas:

  • Use G'day Garlic Chunky, in any of your Cobb Loaf Recipes
  • Definitely use G'day Garlic fine with your Christmas prawns - creamy or BBQ'd.
  • G'day Garlic Chunky/Fine with Turkey and Gravy
  • Signature Seasonings Medium/Hot rubbed on any of your BBQ meats with some oil
  • Our G'day Garlic Smashed Roasties
  • Signature Seasoning Medium or Hot on Potato wedges
  • G'day Garlic Butter BBQ Corn on the cob
  • G'day Garlic powders or Signature Seasoning on any roast veggies (even when using them for salads)
  • G'day Garlic in most of your summer salad dressings
  • G'day Garlic in breadcrumb stuffings
  • A sprinkle of Signature Seasoning Medium in your prawn cocktail sauce