Andrew and David Moon are the fifth-generation farmers, and brothers, behind Moonrocks, a well known name amongst the horticulture industry. Now, with almost 20 years of commercial garlic cropping under their belt, they're bringing another brand to life - G'day Garlic.

The Moon family moved to the St. George region over 40 years ago and have been farming there ever since. Known for growing Rockmelons in their early days, the brother's ventured into onions over 20 years ago, with Garlic following shortly after.

Garlic cropping isn't for the faint of heart with a number of elements needing to align for success. From complicated storage requirements through to intensive seed breeding, it's taken over close to two decades for Moonrocks Garlic to get to a point where they were ready to delve into the world of garlic processing.


With their umbrella brand, Moonrocks, filling shelves of national supermarket chains across the country, it was time to offer their customers an exclusive paddock to plate experience through a line of processed garlic products.

G'day Garlic is the result of years of product trials to bring together garlic products that are not just flavoursome and 100% Aussie, but that boast no additives in their ingredient list, beyond garlic!

The team behind G'day Garlic will continue to bring new products to the brand with crushed and pickled garlic trials currently underway.

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