Beef Bourguignon

Whether you know it as Beef Bourguignon, Beef Burgundy or simply just Beef Stew, one thing is for sure... this dish is damn delicious!


We tested out this crowd pleaser with our very own Chunky Garlic Powder and it did not disappoint! 


It's worth mentioning, that whilst this recipe may look a little time consuming and ingredient heavy, it's actually quite an easy one. The cooking time is long, yes, but it's really only 5 minutes of chopping up your ingredients and the rest is simply stirring and adding! 


Note: Our ingredients = approx. measurements. We like to be a little fluid in the kitchen, and so we often measure most of our ingredients 'to taste' but this is a good guide to follow...



  • Bacon - 175g - roughly chopped 1 inch
  • Diced Beef (brisket if you’re fancy) - 650g - 2 inch cubes
  • Onions - 2 large - finely chopped
  • Carrot - 2 large – roughly chopped ½ inch
  • Tomato Paste - 1tblsp
  • G'day Garlic Chunky Garlic Powder - 1spoon + a pinch
  • Bay Leaves - 2/3
  • Thyme - 2 tsp
  • Red Wine - ¾ of a bottle (see notes at the end for suggestions)
  • White Pepper -1 tsp
  • Flour - 1.5 tbsp
  • Beef Stock - 3-4 cups
  • Mushrooms - 25/30 medium sized mushrooms roughly chopped ½ inch
  • Parsley - 2 tsp
  • Salt & Pepper to taste (we like A LOT)



  • Sharp Knife
  • Chopping board
  • One large oven safe frying pan
  • One normal frying pan
  • Large spoon for stirring
  • Tongs for turning beef


  • In your oven safe pan, fry bacon until browning, then remove from the pan (do not overcook, you don’t want burnt bits in your bourguignon) *5mins
  • Sear your diced beef in the bacon fat remaining in the pan, do not cook through, just brown the sides quickly on a med-high heat, remove from pan *5mins
  • Fry onions in the bacon and beef fat on the pan, add oil if you need. You’re looking for soft and 'just golden' on a lower heat *5-10mins
  • Add carrots to almost golden onions
  • Add tomato paste, chunky garlic powder, bay leaves, thyme, white pepper & stir through
  • Add your beef back in
  • Add red wine, keep this gently bubbling until the red wine has reduced by at least a third. Stir occasionally to ensure the ingredients are not sticking or burning *15-20 mins
  • When the wine has reduced, you can turn off your heat, sprinkle flour over the reduction and gently mix in.
  • Then, add your beef stock and stir.
  • Cover with a lid or foil, place in a preheated oven 170-180 Celsius for *1.5 hours. You want this to be simmering. Check around one hour in to make sure it’s not burning, see how tender your meat is and adjust your time accordingly. Your meat should fall apart nicely but you don’t want the meat and veg to be mush, watch it closely from 1 hour onwards.
  • When your dish in the oven is nearly ready, fry your mushrooms (on the pan that stored your meat, soak up all that flavour from the bacon & beef) add oil if you need, fry chopped mushrooms with just a pinch of salt, pepper, chunky garlic powder & 2 tsp of parsley. You want the mushrooms just toasted and browning. Do not over cook as they will be added to hot Bourguignon.
  • When both are ready gently stir the mushrooms into Bourguignon and your dish is complete
  • Add salt and pepper to taste (be careful your beef stock may be salty already).
  • We serve this with some buttery mash potatoes.



  • You can pre chop all your ingredients, and this can make the process a breeze on your first test run!
  • Open your wine when you begin, to give it some air before hitting the pan. It's also a perfect time to pour yourself a small glass to enjoy while cooking. (1/4 of the bottle... if you insist)
  • We recommend using a cast iron pan for frying and putting in the oven. Alternatively, if you don’t have an oven safe pan just transfer to any casserole dish.
  • When removing bacon and beef from the first pan, store in a second pan that you will later use to fry the mushrooms - all the flavour, less washing up.
  • Sauce consistency should coat the back of a spoon, if it’s too runny you can bake or simmer longer, if it’s too thick add some more beef stock.
  • This recipe calls for a burgundy classically, but any hearty red wine will do the trick. We used a Shiraz-Cabernet, and it was delicious.
  • Other nice sides to accompany the dish include pappardelle, baby potatoes or crusty fresh bread - French or sourdough. You could also fry some green beans (in the mushroom pan) with butter, chunky garlic powder and salt & pepper, to serve as a side.


Finally - enjoy! And be sure to share with us if you use this recipe. We promise it's worth the effort!


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